About Us

Air conditioner is liked by all persons for the simple reason that it maintains uniform temperature and prevents from too much of sweating of the human body. This is all the more applicable to tropical country like India. Further due to the abnormal changes of temperature of the earth (Global Warming) and the changing lifestyle of human beings air conditioners would become a necessity for life. Though the requirement of A/C is on the rise, people are avoiding to use it taking into account the electricity expenses. Normally Room A/C is being used in bedroom. These cool down the temperature of the entire room where by the power consumption is high. But our aim is to cool the human body alone. Based on this as an alternative at much lesser power consumption we have made “Enclosure Cot Air Conditioner”.

This is done by installing equipment which cools the cot and its surrounding a short of enclosed bedroom. This enables that the cot on which we sleep alone is cooled. We can make use of the cot as a normal, mosquito free, as well as A/C Cot. There is also provision for lighting for reading and writing, usage of laptop as well as entertainment equipments like T.V. Radio which can be installed with safety all through the year.